Educational work in the year before starting school is a part of compulsory nine-year education and upbringing. The realization of preparatory preschool program basically relates the preschool and school education. Apart from that, the preparation of a child for school implies more comprehensive approach than immediate preparation for reading and writing. The preparation of children for school is to contribute to their maturity or readiness for life and work that is expecting them in primary school and provides the conditions which will enable each child to develop his/her abilities and extend personal experiences.


Speech development:

  • Nurturing speech culture
  • Enrichment of children’s vocabulary
  • Development of grammatically correct speech
  • Correct verbal expression, accent, and diction
  • Monologue speech and telling
  • Introduction to children’s literature
  • Speech games

Preparation for initial reading and writing:

  • Initial reading
  • Initial writing
  • Nurturing correct writing
  • Introduction to basics of orthography

Development of mathematical concepts:

  • Positions in space
  • Moving through space and relations
  • Formation of sets
  • Getting to know digits and calculation
  • Mastering the concept of time

Physical education:

  • Physical development
  • Development of perception
  • Development of motor skill
  • Strengthening mental and physical health


  • Drawing and developing the sense for aesthetics
  • Painting with all kinds of art techniques
  • Plastic molding
  • Aesthetic experiencing and evaluation
  • Strengthening of mental and physical health


  • Listening and interpretation of compositions
  • Processing songs by ear
  • Singing and playing
  • Dance activities

Getting to know the environment:

  • Introduction to the living world
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Man as a member of the living world
  • Man as a social being
  • Occupations of people
  • Protection of environment