The work with children up to the age of 3


In our Institution, the surrounding is adjusted to the age abilities of nursery age children. The planning of nursing and educational work in early stage includes all the aspects of child’s personality and the form of learning. On the nursery age-level the nursing of children is inseparable from the process of upbringing and it implies maintaining children’s hygiene, satisfying the need for sleep, food, spending time in the fresh air, while the interaction among the peers contributes to the socialization of children.

The schedule of daily activities is adjusted to the age characteristics and individual needs of children. Individual differences among children regarding health and hygiene habits, the needs for food and sleep are taken into account. Apart from it, spending time in the open is regularly organized.  

Physical and sensory development

Maintaining physical health of children, encouraging movement development, mastering motor skills, encouraging complete motor and sensory development, habits development.  

Emotional and social development

Nurturing openness of a child for new experiences, providing help in acquiring independence, encouraging satisfaction and joy in children.   

Cognitive development

Encouraging and nurturing natural curiosity in relation to the world that surrounds them, nurturing sensitivity to the impressions as motives for asking questions, encouraging the development of sensory and motor and perceptive abilities.