Little Eskimos

The icy vastness encouraged us to explore the distant and not well known people.

We experiment with water

Natural phenomena often inspire and encourage us to learn and explore.

Snow Games

The snow was not ashamed these days. Countless gentle snowflakes covered our park...


This activity is designed for children to determine the basics of environmental education...

Celebration of St. Sava's Day

We solemnly, in the spirit of tradition, marked “Savindan” this year as well. With a cake that we ate and...

Towards the New Year

In the warm atmosphere, with the sounds of New Year's songs, the children enjoyed the festive mood.

The Game of Shadows​

Exploring the sunlight, the children got acquainted with the shadow and the way it is created.

Kids Club Challenge

Childhood play is an activity that engages all aspects of a child's personality. In the game, the child finds...


Something new comes out of our creative workshop every day. The material...