Rushing to meet the summer, finished another successful work year

That is why we are sending you a piece of our happiness caught in a web of golden, sunny rays.

Strawberries in Jagodina

Spring is a time that gives us many opportunities and every corner of greenery is full of flowers...

Lets Drive Safer

A pleasant summer morning and fresh air are excellent conditions for outdoor activities.

Let's lead our Colorful Merry Dance

In an effort to preserve the values ​​of the original folk art..

Fruit meal in nature

Staying in the fresh air is part of our daily activities.

In Harmony With Nature

Exploratory games in nature can relax, calm, stimulate thinking, awaken the imagination and develop creativity.


Exploring the culture and traditions of different countries, we reached Brazil.

Gathering of clouds in May

Do you know how a gloomy day can look like from a child's perspective?