Autumn costume ball

October painted nature with warm autumn colors, and we made an effort to collect the gifts.....

Anything is possible when we’re together

We were convinced that harmony is the initiator of joint activities, and today, we all made our house shine .

What is in the beginning?

We marked the beginning of the new work year in a cheerful ambience.

On the trail of a true detective

In order to mark the European Coding Week, our detectives were on a secret mission.

What hides in the jungle?

The diversity of plant vegetation and animal species in the jungle attracted our attention and encouraged....

Discovering the secrets of the Roman Empire

Encouraged by the cartoon "Asterix and Obelix"...

World Space Week

The cosmos and the planets attract the attention of children from the earliest childhood.

Through history with time machine

People who lived 3.4 million years ago were the first to use rocks and stones as tools.

Have fun and learn

Playing with ice, we once again made sure that we can cool down, but also learn something new.