Excursion to Camp "Crnjanski”

Curiosity, an inquisitive spirit and the need to move are qualities that adorn every child.

We learn about money

Today's activity was aimed at enabling children to use money practically.

From seed to fruit

"A lot of people have to work hard before the bread smells in the oven."

Bicycle adventures

In the past period, we turned our path in the park into a training ground for cycling skills.

Domestic Animals

While learning about domestic animals, we tried to see the benefits raise them in the first place.

Inanimate nature

To determine what we learned about inanimate nature, we organized a series of activities in our makeshift lab.


Visit to the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art

Students of the first and second grade visited the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art today.

Sports challenges in nature

We used the sunny day to spend time in a park on the other side of town and exercise in the fresh air


We know that physical activities are of great importance for the proper development of the child.