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The only private international preschool institution in Pomoravlje District licensed by the Ministry of Education


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The national and Cambridge program guarantees the acquisition of permanent knowledge in a modern way adapted to every age

KIDS CLUB enables children to stay, study and socialize in conditions that foster an individual approach to the child, active participation in the educational process through the discovery and resolution of problem situations, the application of innovative work models and in a socially-constructive atmosphere. The key concept of preschool upbringing and education is encouraging the development of all aspects of personality. Children are so busy with fun and games activities not knowing that they are actually learning all the time. Our goal is to enable the full development of the child’s biological potential!

Kids Club Program

Every day, through play and in an age-adjusted way, Kids club Preschool organises the following activities for all educational groups:

Pronunciation of all voices, enrichment of vocabulary, culture of spoken communication, listening, remembering and recounting are some of the key areas that are being worked on in order to properly develop speech in children.

In order to successfully develop logical thinking in children, as well as the proper development of cognitive functions, our kindergarten nurtures activities in the field of mathematics such as arranging objects according to a certain rule, noting geometric objects, noting sets, forming arrays, time relations, imagining spatial relationships .

Learning about fine arts and materials, basic and derivative colors, spotting details, fostering creativity, learning songs, learning about instruments, developing fine motor skills are just a few of the many art and music activities that children in our kindergarten encounter on a daily basis.


Free school of English and German is organised as a part of everyday activities at the Kids Club. Classes are taught by teachers with years of experience in working with children. Furthermore, school of sport, gymnastics, karate and swimming is organised as a part of daily activities, in cooperation with PE teachers. Also, the international Eco School Project, in which Kids Club Preschool participates, enables our children to increase their environmental awareness and nurture love for nature from a young age. Kids Club also provides a set of extracurricular activities for your children, such as occasional excursions and stay at a well located, nature-surrounded children’s camp, built with a high standard of quality.
Eco School project is an international program which encourages the youngest to be actively involved incaring for the environment. In the Republic of Serbia,international Eco School project is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development as a project aimed at protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development education, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. This program has also been implemented in PI Kids Club, where we take pride in encouraging ecological education, as well as acquiring ecological culture which implies knowledge, abilities, motivation and acting in accordance with fundamental ecological rules and laws. This way, the child becomes aware of universal bonds, learns the cultural values of the human race, and respects everything that nature has created.

PI Kids Club is an institution that that sets new standards in education and offers your child European learning concept. Activities and teaching are conducted following the curriculum which represents the combination of National and Cambridge International Program. Constant teachers’ availability, vast extracurricular activities and dedication to each child individually, spending time in fresh air, in the park full of greenery, healthy meals, quality free time, are what makes our preschool esteemed and special.

Kids club is open Monday-Friday, 08.00-17.00h